World’s biggest beer drinkers in 2017: Czechs!

Last week, the German Statistics Portal Stastita released an Statistical Analysis on Alcoholic Drinks Report 2018. In this report, a chart is showing The Countries Drinking the Most Beer in 2017 per capita:

Infographic: The Countries Drinking the Most Beer | Statista

Czech Republic is by far the number one country that drank the most liters of beer last year with 137,38 liters per capita. This is almost 40 liters more than the second country Poland. Following Czechs, Poles, Germans, Austrian and Lithuanian completing the top 5. Surprisingly, Belgium is completing the Top 15 with (only? 🙂 ) 69,2 liters drank per person last year. In the Top 15, only 2 countries are not located in Europe: United States and Australia.

According to the Statista report, the Beer market will increase to become a 300 billion market by 2021:

The Beer market is growing significantly and is expected to influence the market growth across developing countries. The worldwide revenue of US$281 billion in 2017 is expected to increase to US$309 billion by 2021.
Alcoholic Drinks Report 2018 – Beer Statista Consumer Market Outlook – Segment Report

Top 5
#1 Czech Republic – 137,38L
#2 Poland – 98,06L
#3 Germany – 95,95L
#4 Austria – 95,46L
#5 Lithania – 92L

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