Water-polo: Serbia beat Spain in shoot-out to win their 4th Men’s European Championship in a row

For the first in water polo history, Serbia became the first winner to win after a penalty shoot-out in final. Spain and Serbia delivered an intense and high-level game but at the end, Serbia was the best team in the pool. Indeed, Serbia water polo team are on an incredible winning strike and win for the 4th consecutive times in a row: 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018. In addition to this incredible strike, Serbia has been at the podium at every European Championships since 2000!

Serbia 12 – 10 Spain

Score by quarters: 0–1, 3–3, 3–2, 1–1; PSO: 5–3
Piscines Bernat Picornell – Barcelona, Spain

Serbia continues its incredible strike after 2012, 2014, 2016 and now 2018!

In Barcelona, Serbia, the favorite team of the tournament was facing Spain, the home team that played amazing in the competition. Both team were here to bring back the gold medal home. After the first half, the Spanish team was leading 4-3 and the crowd was wild. After the break, Serbia score 3 goals in the third quarter (2-3) to tied the game. At the end of the game, the score was tied to 7-7 and for the first time in European water polo competition, the winner will have to win a penalty shoot-out. Even if Spanish players gave everything during the game and the shoot-out. It wasn’t enough, Serbia manages to score all of their penalties. Serbia water-polo will be remembered as one of the greatest in water-polo history.

Croatia take the 3rd place over Italy 10-8

The current world champion, Croatia didn’t want to go home empty-handed after their lost in the semi-final against Serbia. In a terrific beginning of the game, Croatia was winning 4-0. Italy couldn’t find a way to score against the Croatian defense. But Loren Fatovic and Xavi García, the Croatian star led their national team for the bronze medal.

The 33rd European Championships took place in Barcelona from July 14 to July 28. 16 teams were competing for the gold medal. You can scroll down this article and check out the full ranking of the competition below.
The next competition will be held in two years (2020) in Budapest, Hungary.

Final positions and results
2018 Men’s European Water Polo Championship

1.  Serbia
2.  Spain
3.  Croatia
4.  Italy
5.  Greece
6.  Montenegro
7.  Russia
8.  Hungary

9.  Germany
10.  Netherlands
11.  Romania
12.  France
13.  Georgia
14.  Slovakia
15.  Turke
16.  Malta

Sunday, July 28, 2018

Serbia 12 – 10 Spain (0–1, 3–3, 3–2, 1–1; PSO: 5–3)

Sunday, July 28, 2018

Croatia 10 – 8 Italy (4–0, 3–5, 2–1, 1–2)

Wednesday, July 26, 2018

Serbia 9 – 7 Croatia (5–3, 1–1, 1–1, 2–2)
Spain 8 – 7 Italy (1–1, 3–2, 1–3, 3–1)

Wednesday, July 26, 2018

Serbia 8 – 5 Hungary (4–0, 1–1, 2–2, 1–2)
Spain 10 – 6 Greece (2–1, 2–2, 4–0, 2–3)
Croatia 9 – 7 Montenegro (1–2, 1–2, 4–2, 3–1)
Italy 11 – 1 Russia (2–0, 4–0, 1–1, 4–0)

European Championship award

Best player
Filip Filipović (SRB)

Top Scorers (17)
Ioannis Fountoulis (GRE)
Aleksandar Ivović (MNE)

Best goalkeeper
Dani López Pinedo (ESP)


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