Handball: Denmark is the new world champion after their win against Norway 31-22

Finally! After so many years chasing the crown, Denmark is finally the world champion! Denmark put up a show and seems to be impossible to beat this afternoon. Lead by an amazing Mikkel Hanssen and in front of 14 000 danish cheering for their team, Denmark didn’t let a chance to Norway to hope for the gold medal. Denmark has the perfect path to the first place since it was the only team in the competition that didn’t lose a single game.

?? Denmark 31 – 22 Norway ??

(Half-time 18 – 11)


In the beginning, both teams started well in the game and each team is replying to the other (3-3). After a few minutes during the game, the Danish players started to take control of the game and they will never let go. In order to do that Denmark puts a lot of pressure on the Norwegians players and the young team had a hard time to find solutions. The Norwegians forced many shots in order to find a way to score but their attempts were not very successful. Like the semi-final against France, Denmark is just too good for their opponents and they will finish the first half ahead by 7 goals. The Danish players shot at 74% success at the half time.

Svan making is way in the defence
Svan making is way in the defense | © ihf.info/Facebook

The second half is very similar to the first half, Norway is playing like at the beginning but they still struggle to find a way to pass the Danish goalkeeper: Niklas Landin Jacobsen. For Norway every goal is a battle, for Denmark, it’s easier to find a way to score which let them to better in defense and more fresh mentally and physically. Norway scores only 4 goals in the first 15 minutes and after more than 45 minutes played Denmark is leading 15-26.


In the end, Denmark will go easily for the win with the help of their best player Hanssen, their amazing goalkeeper and the support from the fans all over the arena. For the time in its history, Denmark is finally world champion! Denmark is now qualified for the next Olympics Games in 2020 and they are the favorite to succeed to themselves. Denmark becomes the first time to be qualified for the Olympics Games.


3rd place for France

France beat Germany 26-25 in the match for third place in the World Cup. After solid first half (19-9), Co-hosts Germany was under pressure from the France team and on their last attack, Musche tried to pass to Pekeler but the pass was intercepted by N’Guessan. With a few seconds left, France team attacked for the last time in the game and Karabatic scores a real buzzer beater on the last second. After taking the 3rd place at the last Euro 2018 competition in Croatia, France is going home with the bronze medal for the second time in a row in a major international competition.

Nikola Karabatic scores the last goal to offer the bronze to France against Germany | © ihf.info/Facebook

Final positions and results
2018 European Women’s Handball Championship

? Denmark ??
? Norway ??
? France ??
4. Germany ??
5. Sweden ??
6. Croatia ??
7. Spain ??
8. Egypt ??
9. Brazil ??
10. Hungary ??
11. Iceland ??
12. Tunisia ??


13. Qatar ??
14. Russia ??
15. Macedonia ??
16. Chile ??
17. Argentina ??
18. Serbia ??
19. Austria ??
20. Bahrain ??
21. Saudia Arabia ??
22. Korea ?? ??
23. Angola ??
24. Japan ??

Sunday, January 27, 2019

?? Denmark 31 – 22 Norway ?? (18-11)

Sunday, January 27, 2019

?? Germany 25 – 26 France ?? (13-9)

Saturday, January 26, 2019

?? Denmark 38 – 30 France ?? (21-15)
?? Germany 25 – 31 Norway ?? (12-14)

All-Star Team and awards of the Men’s Volleyball World Championships

Mikkel Hansen ??

Mikkel Hanssen shooting a penalty during the final against Norway
Mikkel Hanssen shooting a penalty during the final against Norway | © ihf.info/Facebook

All Start Team
 -Niklas Landin ??
Right wing – Ferran Sole Sala ??
Right back – Fabian Wiede ??
Centre back – Bjarte Myrhol ??
Left back – Sander Sagosen ??
Left wing – Magnus Jondal ??
Pivot – Rasmus Lauge ??


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