World’s first commercial 5G network launched in Finland and Estonia

Elisa Oyj, a Finnish telecommunications company, is the first operator in the world to implement a commercial 5G network in Finland and Estonia. The international kick-off was made on June 27 with a video call using the 5G network.

From Tampere (Finland), Anne Berner, the Finnish minister of Transport and Communications called Kadri Simson the Estonian minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure, who was in Tallin (Estonia). In order to do so, they used Huawei devices and Nokia network that supports 5G. The first words of the Estonian minister were “Well, the weather is fine and it is an amazing opportunity to connect you like this“. Check out the video of the world’s first commercial video call using 5G network:

Finland has been for some years a pioneer in telecommunication. Indeed, Radiolinja, a Finnish GSM company made the world’s first commercial mobile phone call in 1991. It was the same company that sent the first SMS text message in 1993. Now Elisa is taking the speed of telecommunication to another level by providing 5G to its customers in the near future.

We aim to make Finland the leading nation as a developer of 5G mobile services. The Ministry of Communications is ready to allocate the first 5G licenses to the 3,400–3,800 megahertz frequency band in autumn, which will make Finland among the first countries in the world to start building 5G networks “.

Anne BERNER, Finnish Minister of Transport and Communications

Many operators all around the world are already working with this kind of technology but so far only Oredoo (Qatar) has implemented a commercial 5G network. However, Elisa is already selling subscriptions and have devices that can use their network while Ooredoo will offer mobile devices next year.


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