Eindhoven launched a project to start building “world’s first” 3D printed houses community

This could be the next revolution in the construction industry. The “Project Milestone” is the realization of 3D printed concrete houses in Meerhoven district of Eindhoven called Bosrijk. It will be the first time ever that printed houses will host people inside like a regular house. At the beginning of 2019, the first occupant will receive their key of the first 3D printed house.

An ambitious project with serious partners

You can find 3D houses in a lot of cities in the world but this project is a “world’s first” because people will actually live inside those houses. The “Project Milestones” came to life thanks to a joint business between 5 partners along with the city of Eindhoven: the Eindhoven University of Technology, contractor Van Wijnen, real estate manager Vesteda and engineering firm Witteveen+Bos. The material will be provided by Saint Gobain-Weber Beamix. Rudy Van Gurp, a manager at Van Wijnen is already projecting that kind of a method in the future: “But we are already looking to take a step further and people will be able to design their own homes and then print them out. People will be able to make their homes suit them, personalize them, and make them more aesthetically pleasing“.

An innovative way to build houses and reduce costs

The developers said that it will cut costs compared to a traditional technique but also reduce environmental damage. It will be an effective and quick way to build a house. Plus, each house will be able to be fully smart (lighting, heating…) since it will be possible to place wireless sensors directly into the walls.

During the project, each house will be built one by one and consecutively so they can have feedback from the people living inside and avoid possible mistake from the previous house. It is important for the project to always improve the way they build a house. The ambitious goal of this project is to print the last house on site.

The concept seems to already attract people. Van Gurp said: “For the first house we already have 20 candidates, and that is after only a week of having the images on our website.”

You can notice the importance of nature in the scale model. Indeed, the developers want to have a synergy between the house and a natural surroundings.

To know more about the project visit the official website of the project 3dprintedhouse.nl.


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