Exploring Europe’s Finest Pizzerias in 2023

Europe has long been renowned for its culinary delights, and among its many gastronomic treasures, pizza holds a special place. The annual “50 Top Europa” list is a celebration of the finest pizzerias across the continent (outside of Italy), recognizing their dedication to quality, creativity, and tradition. In this article, we delve into the 2023 edition of the “50 Top Europa” list, highlighting the exceptional pizzerias that have made the cut. The “50 Top Europa” list is compiled by a panel of experts, including food critics, journalists, and renowned chefs. Their quest is to identify the pizzerias that truly stand out in terms of ingredients, craftsmanship, and overall dining experience. Let’s explore the top 5 of the ranking:

  1. Sartoria Panatieri (Barcelone, Spain) has secured its first place with its authentic Neapolitan-style pizzas crafted with meticulously sourced ingredients, traditional wood-fired oven baking, and an unwavering commitment to maintaining the integrity of the pizza-making tradition.
  2. Bæst (Copenhagen, Denmark) finished second for its innovative approach, combining Nordic flavors with Italian craftsmanship, utilizing organic and locally sourced ingredients, and showcasing an exceptional level of creativity in their pizza offerings.
  3. 50 Kalò (London, England) has pizzas that boast a perfectly charred yet chewy crust, complemented by high-quality ingredients imported directly from Naples, Italy, and prepared with great attention to detail.
  4. Via Toledo Enopizzeria (Vienna, Austria) has made it to the fourth place for its remarkable fusion of Neapolitan and Viennese pizza traditions, featuring a variety of creative toppings, a harmonious blend of flavors, and an inviting atmosphere that transports diners to the heart of Italy.
  5. Pizza Zulù (Fürth, Germany) complete this top five for its outstanding wood-fired pizzas characterized by a thin, crispy crust, innovative combinations of fresh ingredients, and a dedication to using locally sourced produce, showcasing the best of German craftsmanship with a unique twist.

You can use the table below to search the pizzerias that are in the Top 50 located in your country or in your city

1Sartoria PanatieriBarcelonaSpain
350 KalòLondonEngland
4Via Toledo EnopizzeriaViennaAustria
5Pizza ZulùFürthGermany
6Fratelli FiguratoMadridSpain
8Napoli On The RoadLondonEngland
9NNeaAmsterdamThe Netherlands
10La BalmesinaBarcelonaSpain
12La Pizza È Bella GourmetBrusselsBelgium
15La Piola PizzaBrusselsBelgium
16Forno D’OroLisbonPortugal
18L’Antica PizzeriaLondonEngland
21Guillaume GrassoParisFrance
22‘O VerLondonEngland
23Pizzeria LucaCopenhagenDenmark
24San GennaroZurichSwitzerland
25Matto NapoletanoSkopjeNorth Macedonia
26Belli Di MammaBudapestHungary
27Little PygDublinIreland
29Piazza SorrentoKrefeldGermany
30La ManifatturaParisFrance
31Pizzeria LucaHelsinkiFinland
32Mr. PizzaDortmundGermany
33Majstor I MargaritaBelgradeSerbia
36Cloud FactoryEsch-Sur-AlzetteLuxembourg
37Animaletto Pizza BarBucharestRomania
38Ciao A TuttiWarsawPoland
40Pop’s PizzaLjubljanaSlovenia
41Oro Di NapoliSanta Cruz De TenerifeSpain
42Arte BiancaSagresPortugal
43Franko’s Pizza & BarZagrebCroatia
45Infraganti Pizza BarAlicanteSpain
46Zielona GórkaPabianicePoland
47Sapori Italiani U TalianaBratislavaSlovakia
48PEPPO’s Pizzeria ContemporaneaRigaLatvia
49Pizza NuovaPragueCzech Republic
50Kaja Pizza KöökTallinnEstonia

The “50 Top Europa” list for 2023 is a testament to the culinary mastery, creativity, and passion that European pizzerias bring to the table. From the traditional to the innovative, these pizzerias continue to push boundaries, elevating pizza-making to an art form. Whether you’re a pizza connoisseur or simply someone who appreciates good food, exploring the pizzerias on this list promises an unforgettable culinary journey through the diverse flavors of Europe.


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