Eataly World is opening its doors in Bologna!

Italy has a new theme park and this one is not common, it’s a food theme park! The Italian brand has opened a massive Eataly World theme park in Bologna. The “Disneyland of Pasta” or “Disney World of food” as described in the mainstream media is a huge project of 100 000 square meters. The goal is to show every aspect of Italian food, from production to consumption. The park admission is free and the location is Via Paolo Canali 1, Bologna, Italy.


Chef making Tortellino | © Facebook/eatalyworld

In fact you can find inside this huge complex with different parts where everywhere food is at the center. Here are the main components of the park:

  • Farms & Breeding
    20 000 square meters dedicated to show the Italian biodiversity with more than 200 animals and 2000 different cultivars.
  • Factories
    In the factories you can follow the process of grain becoming bread or fresh pasta, watch olive oil being made or the milk becoming cheese.
  • Restaurants
    More than 40 restaurants where you can find the best of Italian food. The restaurants are for all wallets and all taste from Italian Michelin-starred to street food kiosks.
  • Shops & Marketplace
    150 businesses are involved with some major Italian brand like Lavazza but also book shop to find the best Italian recipes and even a hair salon.
Risotto on a table | © Facebook/eatalyworld

Visitors and families have also access to school experience and learning multimedia content. For the professionals an event space of 4 000 square meters is available for events, meeting and conferences.

FICO Eataly World will be a place where children and young people from all over the world will understand the immense heritage of Italy, a place which aims to enhance the culture related to food and to generate a sense of pride in the
new generation. It will be a place of contrasts but also of collaboration between
small and large Italian companies, between new start ups and old traditional businesses. It will be the showroom of the Italian excellence, the showcase for Italy
in front of the World.Oscar Farinetti  –  EATALY Founder

•  •  •

Oscar Farinetti is Italian businessman and founder of the Italian food chain mall Eataly. Eataly was found in 2004 after Oscar Farinetti sold a business for more than 250 millions euros. Eataly is a giant marketplace where you can find bakery, cooking school, restaurants, café and gourmet Italian food. From seafood counter to wine shop you will find a diverse and high quality food products. If you want have a taste of the Eataly World park but you can’t or don’t want to go to Bologna, Eataly already hasmore than 30 stores worldwide and 18 of them are in Italy. For the rest of the Europe, you can find the Italian brand in Denmark, Monaco, Germany and Turkey. Outside Europe, there are implanted in the United States, Japan, South Korea and Dubai.


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