This interactive map will help you discover which EU countries have travel restrictions

The European Union created a new website called Re-open EU. This website is an interactive tool that provides information for travelers and tourists that aim to spend their holidays in one of the EU countries this summer. This project is a part of a support package to help European tourism resume safely by gradually lifting travel restrictions and allowing businesses to reopen, in the full respect of health precautions. The website and the information are up to date and available in 24 languages.

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The European Union, and all of its member states, are planning for a safe re-opening of Europe. While protecting the public health remains our priority, we want everyone to enjoy their holidays, to reunite with family and friends, and to be able to travel for any purpose.

This interactive tool provides answers to different questions about travelling from and to another EU country. Here is the list of questions that you can find an answer to:

  • May I freely move within this country?
  • From an EU country, may I enter or exit this country for tourism?
  • May I transit this country?
  • May I enter this country by car/motorbike/camper?
  • May I enter this country by train?
  • May I enter this country by bus or coach?
  • May I enter this country by sea transport?
  • May I fly to this country?
  • As a traveler coming from outside the EU, may I enter this country without exceptional restrictions?
  • May I enter this country without being subject to a mandatory quarantine?
  • May I enter this country without a medical certificate, such as a negative test?

The website is a project of the European Commission and was developed by the Joint Research Center.


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