Europe’s first driverless taxis launched in Russia

For the first time in Europe, a driverless taxis system is launched live in a city. The launch took place in Innopolis in Russia. The company standing behind this ambitious project is a Russian giant tech-company Yandex.

Indeed, since 2017, Yandex is working on an autonomous car prototype in order to be operational and implemented on a larger scale through their taxi branch: Yandex Taxi. For the start, two driverless taxis will drive from one point to another in a test zone. Both self-driving vehicles will ride passengers between 5 main points in Innopolis: the university, residential blocks, stadium and local business centers. The autonomous taxis can carry 3 passengers.

Driverless Taxi - Yandex
Driverless Taxi by Yandex Taxi | © Yandex Blog

The live test is taking place in a new city called Innopolis which has the ambition to become a tech hub in a near future. Yandex said: “The young city, centered around the tech-focused Innopolis University, offers Yandex a great urban environment to take the next significant step in publicly testing our self-driving cars that combines our expertise operating on busy public streets and our experience offering passenger rides on test tracks.

Located near Kazan, in the Republic of Tatarstan, Innopolis was created in June 2015. One of the main goals of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tatarstan was to create a city where everything is combined to bring “the largest and promising technology companies from all over the world”. With this latest technology implemented in the city, the stakeholders want to show that the city keeps its promise.



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