Life is beautiful (1997)

122 minutes • Drama, comedy

In 1938, Guido, a young and open-minded Jewish Italian librarian dreams to open his own bookstore despite the fascist administration in place. He falls in love with a teacher who is stuck in the conformist society: Dora. Five years later, their son and himself will be the victim of the holocaust and they both will be deported in a concentration camp. While they are imprisoned, Guido will use humor and imagination to keep his son away from the horrible truth of where they are…

Title: Life is beautiful (EN) / La vita è bella (IT)
Country: Italy
Languages: Italian, German, English
Director: Roberto Benigni
Writers: Vincenzo Cerami, Roberto Benigni
Actors: Roberto Benigni, Nicoletta Braschi, Giorgio Cantarini…


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