Berlin, London and Amsterdam are the best Europeans cities for millennials according to Nestpick

According to the German start-up Nestpick, Berlin, Montréal, and London are the best cities for millennials. Amsterdam is just one place off the podium with the 4th position. Those cities ranked better than more than 100 cities in the panel.

Indeed, it is the second year that Nestpick is publishing Millennial Cities Ranking. In 2017, Amsterdam, Berlin and Munich were in the Top 3 cities for millennials. Even though few criteria were changed, Berlin and Amsterdam stayed on the top while Munich fell in the ranking by 14 positions. This year, Nestpick used four criteria* to rank 110 cities in the world:

  • The business ecosystem, such as the number of jobs.
  • The availability of essentials like housing, food, and transport.
  • Openness, based on things like gender equality and tolerance.
  • And recreation, such as good-quality nightlife.

The German aggregator ranked exactly 110 cities, mostly from Europe (81) and North America (20), making it 10 cities more compared to the last year.

Berlin, the best city for millennials with the best nightlife

With an average of 7.14, Berlin is ranked n°1 overall with top rating in Festival Ranking, Nightlife Score and Beer Ranking among others. Unlike other German cities, Berlin does not have an official closing time. From alternative to classic, from dinner to after-party, in the German capital, you can find a wide variety of clubs, restaurants, pubs, and bars. Modern and cosmopolitan, Berlin also has one of the hottest startup environments in Europe.

London is the best city for Education and Employment

London is n°3 overall with a first place both in Education and Employment. London’s universities are ranked among the top universities in the world (according to the QS World Universities Rankings). The prestigious University College London and Imperial College London are the perfect examples of the British excellence in term of education.

The London’s startup scene is widely contributing to this third place. As we’ve seen in Europe’s fastest-growing companies ranking, many of those are British, successful and located in London.

Amsterdam, an ideal place for the respect of personal freedom and choice

Dutch society is a very tolerant and open society which is why the city of Amsterdam is ranked number one in term of respecting personal freedom and choice. Ranked fourth overall, the Dutch capital has a pretty good rating in many categories such as nightlife, festivals and LGBT friendliness. Amsterdam is a vivid city known for its balanced lifestyle as well as its cultural heritage.

Amsterdam canal
Amsterdam canal / Source:

Oslo has the best transportation network

The Norwegian Capital is claiming the first spot in term of Transport Score which analyses the length of the metro, tram and bus rapid transit network. Oslo truly has it all with buses, trams, subways and also ferries! To complete this already good network, an effective bike-sharing scheme is in place with Oslo Bysykkel.

The director of Nestpick explained why it is important that cities have a great interests in providing answers towards millennials needs.

“Millennials grew up in a shrinking world, where the internet opened doors their parents never could have dreamed of, and budget airlines made those avenues real possibilities. It’s now possible to live and work anywhere in the world, and these opportunities are shaping how our planet will look to future generations.”

Ömer Kücükdere, Managing Director of Nestpick.

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The world’s top 20 cities for millennials, according to Nestpick

1. Berlin, Germany

2. Montréal, Canada

3. London, United Kingdom

4. Amsterdam, Netherlands

5. Toronto, Canada

6. Vancouver, Canada

7. Barcelona, Spain

8. New York City, USA

9. Cologne, Germany

10. Manchester, United Kingdom

11. Hamburg, Germany

12. Bristol, United Kingdom

13. San Francisco, USA

14. Austin, USA

15. Paris, France

16. Miami, USA

17. Munich, Germany

18. Lisbon, Portugal

19. Glasgow, United Kingdom

20. Madrid, Spain

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Read the full methodology here* (scroll down)


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