“La Torche” a mesmerizing surfing session

When a mythic French surf spot becomes a supernatural playground for our greatest pleasure. Hugo Manhes, a young Parisian filmmaker, made it possible. He directed this beautiful short movie with the help of the WAG Production (William Sineux, Alexandre Mélot & Gabriel De Azevedo).
The pro surfers, Gaspard Larsonneur and Ian Fontaine, are from Brittany where the movie was shot. Ian Fontaine describe the experience as amazing: “Surfing under the lights and in the middle of the night was an incredible experience…”


“La Torche” is one the most famous surf spot in the area. It is a headland located in the Finistère region. Described as a surf paradise because of the consistent waves and the tonic effect of the Atlantic ocean.

The movie was shot a few months ago overnight, around 2:30 am. Around 120 000 watts neon lights were used to create this amazing hypnotic environment. The song is ‘Mountains Crave’ by the Swedish singer Anna Von Hausswolff is matching perfectly with the video by making it more mesmerizing. The filmmaker Hugo Manhes explained that the weather conditions and the light needed were the main issues of this project:

“It took us 3 months to prepare. The main unknown factor was the amount of light needed for such an ambitious project. We came up with calculations depending on the layout of the spot, the absorption of the light in the water, etc… We discover that we had to go in the middle of the night, on the Brittany shore, with difficult winter conditions and more than 100,000 watts of light. We didn’t sleep for 4 days”
                                                                                                                                           Hugo Manhes


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