Live virtual tour of Faroe Islands through the eyes of a local

In face of coronavirus, tourism has globally been put on hold but virtual space is full of options to keep exploring. Among various virtual tours, we found one that is truly unique – remote tourism of Faroe Islands. Although the executives kindly asked tourists to refrain from visiting the islands, they still wanted to share the experience of visiting with everyone interested. To do so, remote tourism tool was created and it’s easily accessible via mobile, tablet or PC.

So, how does it work? Local Faroes are equiped with a live video camera allowing you to see views from an on-the-spot perspective. Using joypad options, you can control how and where you want to explore – choose direction, walk, run or jump, it’s up to you! To spice things up, except exploring on foot, there is a helicopter ride for bird’s eye perspective.

The locals will take you on a beautiful journey through their wild and natural countryside, letting you see the rugged mountains, cascading waterfalls, traditional grass-roofed houses, 80.000 sheeps and much more.

Tours will take place once or twice daily until 25 April at least, so make sure to use this unique opportunity. Visit and take a tour!



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