Belgium, Netherlands, Austria and Finland among happiest EU member states

According to a survey conducted by Eurostat (the statistical office of the European Union), Belgium, Netherlands, Austria and Finland are the happiest country in the European Union. Indeed, more than 76% of inhabitants from these countries answered they felt all of the time or most of the time happy.

In order to conduct this survey and measure people’s happiness, Eurostat asked to the respondents to rank their frequency of being happy in the past four weeks on the following scale: ‘all of the time’, ‘most of the time’, ‘some of the time’, ‘a little of the time’ or ‘none of the time’.

10 countries are above the EU average while 14 countries are below the average. Of all respondents, 14% declared being happy all of the time and 48% said they were happy most of the time. On the other side 2% reported that they never were happy during the last month.

Share of the people who reported being happy in the last 4 weeks
Share of the people who reported being happy in the last 4 weeks | © Eurostat

Bulgaria and Latvia are at the bottom of the ranking (with less than 40% of inhabitants that replied that they were constantly happy or most of the time). Croatia, Lithuania, Greece, Romania and Italy are also at the bottom half of the ranking with less than 50%.

The last time that a survey of this kind was conducted was in 2013. At this time the share of people declaring themself as happy was 60%. In 2018, with more than 62%, the results show that the overall number of happy EU citizens increased.

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