Tourist boards across Europe are sending a message of hope

All over Europe the coronavirus has emptied cities and popular places from their tourists. With the global lockdown tourists are not able to travel and discover new places around Europe. Although the measures are still on, tourist boards of each country are looking forward to greeting domestic and foreign travelers on their empty streets and places once again. 15 tourist boards decided to spread their message through videos showing some of the best features that their countries can offer.

Miss you (Monaco)

Budapest awaits (Hungary)

We’ll meet again (Norway)

From Sweden with Love (Sweden)

Dream now – travel later. (Switzerland)

Absence makes the heart grow fonder (Scotland)

Spain will wait (Spain)

Better days are coming (Cyprus)

Dream Now – Visit Later (Germany)

Turn to nature and dream (Slovenia)

Can’t skip hope (Portugal)

Croatia long distance love (Croatia)

Dream Malta now…visit later (Malta)

Spring the #EstonianWay (Estonia)

Together today (Turkey)


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