Who are the 5 favorites for Eurovision 2022?

After the return of Eurovision in 2021, marked by the victory of the Italian group Maneskin and its title “Zitti e Buoni”. Who will be able to add their name to the 2022 list of winners, which will be held in Turin from 10 to 14 May? With less than a month to go before the next edition, My Beautiful Europe took a look at the bookmakers’ c favorites.

1 – Ukraine 🇺🇦

Plunged into a war period for weeks, Ukraine is the favorite for this 2022 edition. The Ukrainian candidate is the Kalush Orchestra, whose musicians will perform a rap lullaby, Stefania. Addressed to a mother, the song incorporates traditional Ukrainian music, and its lyrics include the phrase: “I will always find my way home even if all roads are destroyed”.

  1. Italy 🇮🇹

What if 2022 was still Italy’s year? Winners of the previous edition, Italy, are still among the favorites for this year. “Brividi” is a haunting Italian love ballad with a few rap passages. In this song, composers and songwriters Mahmood and Blanco talk about the difficulties of loving, being vulnerable, and indulging in each other.

  1. Sweden 🇸🇪

Sweden is often a prosperous country at Eurovision. The Scandinavian country has won the contest no less than six times (1974, 1984, 1999, 2012, and 2015). This year, it will again be one of the potential favorites for the edition. With her song “Hold me closer,” Cornelia Jakobs offers us a piece that could make the consensus of both the public and the juries.

  1. The United Kingdom 🇬🇧

In the last two editions (2019 and 2021)*, the United Kingdom finished in last place. The good news for the UK, though, is that they are one of the favorites for the title this year. With his song “Space Man,” Sam Ryder takes us into space with a quirky pop song. This is an excellent chance for the UK to finish in a strong position this year.

*2020 – The edition did not take place due to the pandemic

  1. Spain 🇪🇸

    Spain is the last country to complete our top 5. Mixing two languages, Spanish and English. Chanel with her song “SloMo” performs a very rhythmic track that could well bring a title that the country has been waiting for since 1969…


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