Discover the online film festival: ArteKino Festival

ArteKino Festival is the first online film festival in Europe. This year, we’ll see its second edition. The goal of this festival is to support European films and promote them in an original way. This kind of festival attracts a wider audience by allowing people to watch films online. For each movie, subtitles are available in English, German, French and for some movies in Italian or/and Spanish too.

The platform is available in 45 countries during 17 days. From December 1 to 17, you can watch 10 European movies for FREE. To do so, you need to register with an email address and that’s it! Note that some movies can’t be watched in your country due to their agreements with rights holders. This year, the digital event will be held in some theaters in Europe. You can find them in 6 countries and 14 different cities:

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina | Sarajevo
  • France | Paris, Amiens, Caen, Fontainebleau, Lyon, Nancy, Nantes, Saint-Étienne, Strasbourg
  • Germany | Berlin
  • United Kingdom | London
  • Romania | Bucharest
  • Spain | Madrid

If you want to see the full program of those projections in theaters, click HERE.

Moreover, each spectator (in cinema and online) can be the judge and vote for his favorite movie. The movie that gets the highest rating will be rewarded with the “Audience Award” along with 30 000€ prize for a wider promotion.

Visit the Arte Kino Festival

Check the list of the 10 movies selected and available for free on the festival platform:

•  •  •

BRIGHT NIGHTS (Helle Nächte)
by Thomas Arslan
Country: Germany | Norway
Languages: German | English

by Athina Rachel Tsangari
Country: Greece
Languages: Greek | English

by Teresa Villaverde
Country: Portugal | France
Language: Portuguese

by Sharunas Bartas
Country: Lithuania | France | Ukraine | Poland
Languages: Lithuanian | Ukrainian | Russian | English | French

GODLESS (Bezbog)
by Ralitza Petrova
Country: Bulgaria | Denmark | France
Language: Bulgarian

LIVING AND OTHER FICTIONS (Vivir y otras ficciones)
by Jo Sol
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish

SCARRED HEARTS (Inimi cicatrizate)
by Radu Jude
Country: Romania | Germany
Languages: Romanian | German

by Clara and Laura Laperrousaz
Country: France
Languages: French | Portuguese

THE GIANT (Jätten)
by Johannes Nyholm
Country: Sweden | Denmark
Language: Swedish

THE LAST FAMILY (Ostatnia rodzina)
by Jan P. Matuszynski
Country: Poland
Language: Polish

•  •  •

Like Olivier Père said, this year the movies selected are showing the ambitious and modern arthouse films that we can find in Europe.

The ArteKino Festival has selected ten films that represent the eclectic and daring trend sweeping across modern European film productions. Alongside the latest work from renowned filmmakers, we have decided to showcase new talent, with some directors’ first ambitious feature-length films that demonstrate the outstanding creative ability of the new generation from countries such as Romania, Greece and Poland. Far from any kind of formatting, these ten films call into question heritage and modernity, provide complex or linear story lines, invent structures in which stories from worlds both past and present can unfold, as well as intimate secrets
and the power of imagination.

Olivier Père, Director of Film, ARTE France and Artistic Director, ArteKino Festival


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