ArteKino, the free online festival of European cinema returns for a 4th edition

The first 100% free digital film festival is back! Launched in 2016, ArteKino is the first film festival where digital meets festival. The festival is available in 45 countries during the whole month of December. As a viewer, you are able to watch 10 European movies for free with subtitles in 10 languages!

Visit the Arte Kino Festival

All you need to do in order to access the movies is register with an email address and that’s it! Note that some movies can’t be watched in your country due to their agreements with rights holders. Most of the movie’s subtitles are available in 10 languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Ukrainian.

  • Sad Song – Louise Narboni (France) 66 mim
  • Messi and Maud – Marleen Jonkman (Netherlands/Germany) 92 min
  • Normal – Tulli Followers (Italy/Sweden) 79 min
  • Psychobitch – Martin Lund (Norway) 109 min
  • Ruth – António Pinhão Botelho (Portugal) 120 min
  • Selfie – Agostino Ferrente (France/Italy) 120 min
  • Sons of Denmark – Ulaa Salim (Denmark) 120 min
  • Stitches – Miroslav Terzić (Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina) 97 min
  • Thirst – Svetla Tsotsorkova (Bulgaria) 90 min
  • Thirty – Simona Kostova (Germany) 120 min

Just as in the previous editions of festival, each spectator can be a judge and vote for its favorite movie. A movie that gets the highest rating will be rewarded with the “Audience Award” along with 20 000€ prize for a wider promotion.

This year there’s a new award category introduced: “The Young Audience Award”. The prize will be given to one of 10 films from the ArteKino festival selection. The winner will be awarded 10 000€ and will be invited to Paris for the European Audience Award and the Young Public Award Ceremony in January.


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