No Man’s Land (2001)

98 minutes • Drama, War

During the Bosnian war, in 1993, Chiki and Nino, two enemy soldiers, one Bosniac and the other Serb, fail in a no man’s land from which they cannot leave, being under fire from both sides. The two men tried to find a solution to their problem, using the French United Nations Protection Force (UNPROFOR) peacekeepers, although the endorsement of their superiors if difficult to have. The media get involved, transforming a simple news item into an international media show.

Title: No Man’s Land (2001) (EN)
Country: France, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Belgium, UK, Slovenia
Languages: Bosnian, French, English, Serbian
Director: Danis Tanović
Writers: Danis Tanović
Actors: Branko Đurić, Rene Bitorajac, Filip Šovagović…


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