Discover the Croatian startup producing world’s best smart bench: Include

Founded in 2014 in the small city of Solin near Split in Croatia, Include is a European hardware company founded the young entrepreneur Ivan Mrvoš. Include became more and more a leader startup in smart street furniture in Europe. Currently their core product is the “Steora” smart bench. The Croatian startup want become a leader in IoT and innovative high tech solution for everyday citizens life.

(Photo: Include /

Their first product is the Steora smart bench is fitting perfectly for the future of smart cities. It comes with one design and five types with different features from one model to another. All 5 types of Steora bench have in common device charging, WI-FI, ambient light, data gathering, cooling system and the dashboard. The five types are Standard, Urban, Hybrid, CCTV and E. Those 5 types are designed to respond to different markets and different cities. For example, the Hybrid model is designed for countries with less sunlight during winter days. If there is a need for safety, the CCTV model is aiming to help cities to build a smart safe city by increasing the security of public spaces. This model includes 4 cameras with integrated infrared light.

Recently, the company raises more than 400K€ worth of investments through Funderbeam. Even though it is not as much as the startup that are raising millions, it was huge for the small company from Solin. Ivan Mrvoš said they will invest that money mostly in marketing. Since they have already the knowledge and the R&D competencies, marketing is now very important for the company to be known abroad and to continue their expansion. Plus the company has other target in the IoT domain such as furniture for the bus stations or smart garbage.

The bench can be installed in any outdoor space due to its powerful core and his fits-all design. The bench is weather and vandal proof so it can be place in any country or any city. Like you can see below, it is a Steora bench installed in Rogoznica on the Croatian shore.

Include has now 400 benches in more than 125 cities and municipalities. You can find Steora bench in many countries in Europe but also in the United States, Australia, Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates.


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